Find a Better Job Using Feng Shui

Time for a new job? Are you looking to change careers? Or maybe you just want a promotion or more money. Whatever the reason, you know it takes hard work and effort to achieve your goals. Feng Shui can help too. This ancient Chinese system of design can influence the positive energy around you while you look for that new job.

Feng Shui for a New Job

If you’ve been out of work for a while and are looking, Feng Shui can help. Job hunting can be difficult and discouraging at times, so keeping your positive energy going can be a challenge. Feng Shui is all about maintaining harmony and good “chi” or universal life force energy. Having good chi is essential for a job search.

Most likely you are performing your job search from home. Make sure your home is free of clutter and has plenty of fresh clean air. Also pay attention to the north area of your home. This area is associated with job, career and professional life. Keep it clean and clutter free. A good idea is to put a symbol in this area related to a new job. Try making a vision board with pictures of successful people in your field and hang it in this area.

Feng Shui to Change Careers

Want to switch careers? You should focus on the north area of your home. Pictures related to your new desired profession should be displayed. For example if you’re looking to transition into finance, hang a print or photo of Wall Street or something related to money and banking.

Networking and relying on the help of others is also important when changing careers. In addition to making contacts, you can boost the energy in the northwest area of your home. This sector governs blessings and helpful people. Display pictures of people or historical figures you admire in your chosen field. Their success will add to yours!

Another tip is to use the symbol of an egg. It represents new beginnings. Display an egg ornament or picture in the north area or near your entrance to welcome in the energy of a fresh new start.

Feng Shui for a Promotion

Finally if you are looking to advance in your current profession, you can employ the techniques used earlier. Pay attention to the north and northwest areas of your home. You can hang pictures related to your company or industry.

In addition to your home, add some Feng Shui elements to your office. Enhancing its energy will improve chi and help you advance. Besides clearing clutter, add some helpful elements like a lucky bamboo plant or hanging crystal. Pictures of horses or dragons also bring success.

Whether it’s a new job, new career or new professional heights, Feng Shui can help you take care of business!


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