Use Feng Shui to Rid Your Home of Negative Spirits

If your home plagued by ghosts or negative spirits? Or perhaps you just feel a strange presence lurking about that just won’t go away. Maybe you’re concerned that you may inadvertently attract some negative entities from the other side into your home. No matter the case, applying the principles of Feng Shui can help you. By using this ancient Chinese art of design, you can arrange the placement of objects in your living space to rid yourself of those nasty spirits.

What’s the Attraction?

Some people just seem to be a magnet for negative entities. They may be psychics, mediums or just natural born channelers. Sometimes this leads to attracting unwanted beings from the other side, resulting in a home full of disharmony.

Bad spirits also like to haunt places that harbor negative energy. Locations that have witnessed arguments, violence, death and negative emotional vibrations are likely to attract ghosts. Places that have been neglected or abandoned for a while also invite hauntings. Historical places also hold enchantment for negative entities due to the accumulated energy stored there. This explains why you’re likely to find a ghost in an old established historical house rather than a brand new subdivision model.

Using Feng Shui to Remove Spirits

In Feng Shui, the objective is to bring in good energetic vibrations of universal life force energy or “chi.” At the same time you want to remove negative energy or “sha.”

The easiest way to both remove and ward off negative spirits is by keeping your home clean. Bad spirits love dust, dirt and grime. These conditions create stagnant negative energy with resonates with these beings. Pay special attention to closets, hallways and long narrow passages. Also be sure to remove any clutter as well.

Negative spirits also love dark musty dwellings. Make sure your home has plenty of light. Include a lot of natural light during the day and be sure to open the windows to let in fresh air. At night you should have a few nightlights on, particularly in hallways.

Feng Shui experts also recommend avoiding too many straight lines in furniture placement and décor. The Chinese believe that spirits travel in straight lines; so placing objects in a linear fashion may invite the ghosts in. Too many sharp lines are considered “arrows” or “daggers” which can lead to trouble.

Finally consider adding some guardians to your living space. Place a pair of Chinese Fu Dog or Fu Lion statues at the entrance to your home. They will dispel negative spirits and keep them from reentering. Another option is displaying a picture or sculpture of Chung Kwei. He is known to protect people from evil spirits.

Employing Feng Shui principles can create good chi in your home while dispelling and repelling those troublesome negative spirits.


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